Get to know our partners in Egypt – Part 3

Get to know: Good Shepherd Association Church

The Good Shepherd Association, built in 2000, was the first Christian place in that area to serve the people of Hurghada. Philip Beshay has been leading this church association in Hurghada for five years, with the spiritual service group pictured above. This church association serves through regular worship services, including Sunday school and youth services. Good Shepherd also has a theater group and a library. Outside its walls, the association serves the needy, through acts of mercy and giving material aid. They host evangelistic events, as well as visit individuals in their homes to share the Good News. Good Shepherd goes twice a year to the True Light shelter in South Sudan, to serve the children there.

Get to know: Philip Beshay

Philip Beshay, a partner of Blackhawk, leads the Good Shepherd Association in Hurghada, as well as preaches throughout the provinces and villages of Egypt. Philip has a heart for training up young people and leaders in Christ, and has participated in various activities towards this end, including traveling within Egypt and abroad (Senegal, South Sudan, etc) for teaching and training apprenticeship groups, and making recordings of Bible explanation that can be sent through WhatsApp to various provinces and villages. Philip is married to Mary, and they have three children. They live in Hurghada.

Philip just recently returned from serving the Lord in Kuwait. The purpose of his service there was for the Lord to ignite the heart of the Church there, through pastoral support and evangelism.

Please pray that the Lord will complete His work in the Church of Kuwait and that it would be a beacon for the people of that region.

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