Get to know our partners in Egypt – Part 1

Get to know: Sohag Evangelical Church

The Sohag Evangelical Church is located in Upper Egypt, Sohag. The church is sponsored by Pastor Emad Shawky (front row, fifth from left). The Church Council has seven elders (Ayad, Jamal, Mohsen, Farid, Ishaq, Musheir, Sami).

Each week the whole church meets together for two meetings (Sunday morning and Sunday evening). In addition to this, the church has a variety of programming directed towards specific age groups, as well as special services for married couples & families, those with health / medical needs, and awareness / preventative mentorship. They also host an evangelism program and an education / discipleship program.

Sohag Evangelical Church is one of many partners we will spend time with and serve alongside on our upcoming mission trip to Egypt in September. Find out more information about our mission trip HERE.

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