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    Wednesdays with Webster (September 9, 2020)

    We talk today briefly about the possibility of confidence in the face of a culture that is suspicious about all claims regarding truth. The apostle Peter talks with remarkable clarity about his understanding of the world and the reliability of the story the Bible tells. More

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    Wednesdays with Webster (August 26, 2020)

    The disciples spent years with Jesus personally and yet repeatedly struggled  (even in crucial moments) to understand His mission. Today we’ll take a look at several instances of confusion from the disciples and hopefully emerge on the other side with a little more humility. In anxious days, we’re all in great need of self-awareness. More

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    Wednesdays with Webster (August 19, 2020)

    We are living in sad, anxious and fearful times, friends. It’s important to be honest about our emotions, but always to condition them with information. Today we’ll talk for a minute about Psalm 42 and how it helps us navigate traumatic experiences. More

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    A Conversation with Ronnie Bassous

    Ronnie Bassous is the founder of New Heights, an organization based in Beirut, Lebanon that meets the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of children. In the wake of the tragic events of August 4, 2020, Ronnie speaks with Steve about the pressing needs faced by the people of Beirut and his organization’s unique capacity and… More