Adopt a Grad is back for year two!

🎓 There is still time to submit your grad’s info and photo! 🎓
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Hello Blackhawk, this is Pastor Weaz.

Now that the dust has settled from Summer and the start of school, I want to launch our Adopt a Grad project for this year.

I am looking for names and addresses of any HS graduates since the class of 2019. These are young adults that call Blackhawk Ministries their church home.

The goal is to gather their name and information and then give our church body an opportunity to “adopt” one of them. Then you will pray for them and write to them on occasion and send them a care package a few times a year, perhaps around Christmas time or on their birthday or around exams if they are in school.

These young adults do NOT have to be in college. They could be at home or living far away. They could be working, not working, a student or in the military. It is for any of our young adults that have graduated in the past 4 years and that call Blackhawk Ministries their church home.

Why are we doing this? Studies show that a majority of students who attended church will leave the church after HS graduation. Something happens at age 18 and the bubble bursts after they age out of Student Ministry. Many young adults look at the church and wonder what it has for them. If they move to another city they have to be very intentional to go and find a new church home and that can be a struggle for sure.

I want our graduates to know that they are thought about, prayed for and loved beyond and after high school. Our church does a phenomenal job of loving our babies, children and our middle school and high school students. After HS graduation often many young adults look at church and don’t see where they fit in anymore. I am striving to change that and this is one way for our body to convey that we still have a place for them. I also want relationships to be built with young adults and with others within our church body.

So, here is the information that I need:



-Mailing address

-Email address

-If in school, where?



-Favorite candy and snack

-How can we pray for you?

I would love to collect this information no later than October 12. If you sent information last year, please send this information again to make sure my records are up to date. Please email to me at [email protected]

LASTLY, we do offer a Young Adults class every Sunday from 930-1030 am. We meet for coffee and donuts and we discuss God’s Word and various topics together. All Grads and folks into their late 20’s are encouraged to come! We meet upstairs in room 254.

Thanks so much!

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