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New/Additional Lahmeyer & State Street Closure and Traffic

The long awaited construction of the new storm drain that the city is responsible for completing is finally happening. The largest impact to Blackhawk and our neighbors will be that Lahmeyer Road will be closed possibly a couple months beginning Monday, September 19. 

The following will help you plan:
  • If coming from the North you could come all the way down Maplecrest and turn left onto E. State Blvd. or down Goeglein and turn right onto Maysville if you need to access the South Campus.
  • If coming from the North and only going to the Intermediate you can come down Lahmeyer enter and exit before the construction.
  • If coming down E. State Blvd. from either direction and need to drop off at both campuses, please drop off at the South Campus first and then enter the North Campus off of State.
  • If coming down E. State Blvd. from either direction and only need the South Campus, nothing has changed for you.

One thing to keep in mind when exiting the South Campus is turning left at the light will be much easier with no oncoming traffic during construction. We will be getting a new light with a turn signal following the construction phase.

Please drive safely and be patient during this construction time.

Please see the map below for specific details that will help you as you navigate drop-off and pick-up, if you have students who attend BCS. 

September IF: Table

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