#MadeNew | August 2022 Baptisms

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On August 21, 2022, we celebrated TEN baptisms!

Our Worship Center was overflowing with excitement and loud with applause as we watched and celebrated these 10 people getting baptized, all ages, taking their next step in their faith journey. What a privilege to share in these special moments as the body of Christ!

Baptism has been described as an “outward profession of an inward confession” and it was such a joy to listen to each one tell their story. John 16:33 says “In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” We are so thankful for that truth! Each testimony shared was unique, each person has their own story, but one thing was the same… they were all choosing to follow Jesus… choosing to live their lives for Him… and choosing to share their faith with the world around them! He has overcome. AMEN! What an amazing day!

Buried with Christ in baptism… Raised to walk with Him in a New Life!


Aidan Gansert : Alena Maley : Malachi Kramer : Jaxson Stauffer : Camden Disheaux : Jack Zolman : Tessa Zolman : Kathryn Zolman : Jane Moser : Isaac Sholund


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If you’re ready to get baptized and take the next step in your journey, check out the Next Steps page on our website. Click here to schedule your baptism!



**Photo Credit: Carrie Robinson Photography Thank you Carrie for capturing these special moments! To see all of our baptism photos from Sunday, CLICK HERE or go to to see our full Blackhawk Ministries photo gallery.

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