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Fellowship, Hymns & Fried Chicken!

What could be better?!!

Well many of our Senior Adults at Blackhawk agreed and we had a huge turnout for our Legacy Luncheon & Hymn Sing!

Following our Sunday morning services on August 28, 2022, our Legacy Group gathered together for this special event. As they were preparing to begin, you couldn’t walk by without noticing the smell of yummy food in the air… the sound of conversations and laughter… and the look of joy in their smiles as they gathered together! I can only imagine how amazing the sound was once they began singing Hymns and praising our Lord! [Psalm 96:1] [Matthew 18:20]

Check out these sweet photos captured by Jen Moser:


Jen Moser also wrote a beautiful blog post about this Legacy Luncheon & Hymn Sing. CLICK HERE to read her post and to see a full selection of photos from this event. Thank you Jen!

“Legacy” is our Senior Adult Ministry here at Blackhawk and I love what that name signifies. What legacy do you want to build and leave one day for your family and those around you? What is it for this group? They’re leaving a legacy of strong relationships, faithful worship, and devoted service built on the foundation of Jesus!

Are you looking for a group like this? Any and all senior adults are invited to join our Legacy Group at Blackhawk! For more information on upcoming events, stay connected on Blackhawk.FYI or call our church office at 260-493-7400.

**To view additional photos from our Legacy events, as well as other ministries and church-wide events, visit our complete Blackhawk Ministries Photo Gallery @

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