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It was a LIFE CHANGING summer for The Movement

Hello Blackhawk!

This is Pastor Weaz. I want to celebrate what the Lord has done in our student ministry and in the hearts of our students this summer.

We continued to gather each Wednesday night with our High School students, and we saw a lot of growth and momentum take place. We had movie nights, kickball games, a trip to Cedar Point and a week at Camp.

Our camp is called “That Thing” and it was for sure the highlight of the summer. We had a group of 111 that joined us in the last week of June. We had 16 different parents and individuals who shopped, bought, prepared and served our meals for that week of camp. I am so grateful for those who served on our Meals Team in this way!

Our students were blessed to be up on Lake Webster with so many fun and exciting activities to participate in. We also had a speaker for the week that really challenged us to, “Step out of the boat”, and “To be anchored in Christ Jesus”.

I also facilitated a group discussion each night with our students and one night we were talking about grace and forgiveness and I asked them one simple but hard question. I said, “Who has hurt you?”. I created a space for students to choose to stand up and share a bit of their story in front of their peers.

For the next 2 hours we had about 20 students stand up one after the other and share some very difficult things that have gone on in their lives. I then asked students to come and surround the student who had just shared and for a few of them to pray for them in that moment. It was an incredible time of connection, healing and encouragement. Students brought things that were hidden, in the dark and brought it into the light and there is great power in that.

Lastly, we had a handful of students who accepted Jesus Christ into their lives and dozens more who recommitted their lives to him and got back on the right path. On August 21, I will be baptizing a few of these students. To God be the Glory!

I want to thank all of you who sent a student and prayed for them and our team, donated financially, for those who served meals and for our team of Youth Coaches who took a week off of work to lead students for those 6 days. They are the true heroes in this and again, we ultimately give God the glory for what he has done.

If you may have interest in joining The Movement family and serving in some capacity throughout the school year, please contact Pastor Mark (Weaz) at [email protected]

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