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 The Movement Monthly Newsletter – July 2022

Hello, Movement students and families.

I have a TON to celebrate!

We just returned from a highly successful week of THAT THING. What is that, you may be asking? It is a week-long camp in North Webster, IN.

The Movement took 111 of us to this camp, and we were challenged by a speaker for the week who asked us to be “Anchored In” to Jesus and not to other things of this world. We also connected through worship with the band for the week as well.

Students enjoyed several free time activities such as the Aqua Rocker, the Sky High swing, water volleyball, canoes, paddle boards, painting, bracelet making, kickball, football, sand volleyball, nuke’em, dodgeball, and so much more!

Each evening I would facilitate a conversation with just our group from Blackhawk and students were able to come up and share about some hard things in their lives. After that student chose to share, we had students come up and support them and pray for them at that moment. There is great power when students bring hard things out of the dark and into the light. It disarms the enemy, and many found freedom during this week. It was an incredibly moving time and week.

This was my 15th summer doing this camp, and I truly cannot think of a more impactful week and a better investment into the lives of students than this trip. It is a rare thing to get 100 students together to focus on Jesus and to truly unplug from the pressures of life and just be 14-18 again!

Our group connected to one another and to Christ Jesus in a mighty way, and this was an incredibly life-changing week for us all. We had several students who accepted Jesus and dozens more who recommitted their lives to Him!! Glory to God.

I also want to thank 14 different adults who shopped, bought, prepared and drove up to camp to serve meals for our crew. Feeding 111 hungry teens for a week is no easy task, but we ate like kings and queens all week. Another family rented a UHaul and drove our luggage up and back.

Lastly, we had 9 adult leaders who took a week off of work and willingly served students all week. They had little sleep. They stepped into the hard stuff and the mess in students’ lives, they laughed, cried and prayed with students. They are the unsung heroes of this week. I do NOT do this alone, and I want to list these leaders here so you can thank them as you see them. Our leaders for That Thing ’22 were:
Brandy Patterson
Lori Kramer
Rylee Dwyer
Ryan Neff
Ethan Shaull
Andrew Rarick
Anthony Sorenson
…and Ashleigh Sewell and myself.

Thanks again to those who served, donated, and helped pull off a life-changing week. Together, we fought and will continue to fight for the hearts of the next generation here at Blackhawk!

IF you would like to help with That Thing next year, please let me know. Also, The Movement is always looking for more adult leaders to jump on board and serve too. I am looking for small group leaders to be present on Wednesday nights from September through May.

Contact me at [email protected] if interested. 

-Mark “Weaz” Hammond

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