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Pastor Weaz Speaks in Chapel


“You’re Almost There!”

That was the greeting for Chapel this past Thursday! It’s hard to believe the school year is nearing an end. Our BCS students are savoring all the remaining moments with friends and teachers and staff as they enter into their last days of school. And with only a few Chapels remaining, the students are soaking it all up!

Last Thursday, April 21, our 7th-12th Grade Students had the privilege of hearing from Pastor Weaz, our High School Student & Young Adult Pastor here at Blackhawk. Pastor Weaz is in his 25th year of full-time student ministry, and I love seeing and hearing his heart for young people. He has a clear open door policy (I don’t think I’ve ever seen his office doors closed!) and welcomes students in throughout the day to chat, shoot some hoops, or share some tough things. We are so thankful to have Pastor Weaz as a part of our BCS and Blackhawk church family.πŸ’›πŸ’™

This year’s Chapel theme is “Known” [to know, be known, make known]. Pastor Weaz focused on the area of “making Him known” and zeroed in on the question: Do you care?

“There’s a difference between caring ABOUT someone and caring FOR someone. It’s intentionality.”

Pastor Weaz continued on, sharing his own personal life examples and then teaching from Luke 10, the parable of the Good Samaritan. It’s an excellent message and was a great challenge to the students (and adults!). “Do you care? How are you making Jesus known?” As he wrapped up, he gave the students an action step… a phone app [life in 6 words], that offers a strategy for how to share Jesus Christ with somebody in your life.

Thank you Pastor Weaz for sharing your heart and the message of Christ with our BCS students!

CLICK HERE to listen to Pastor Weaz’s chapel message from earlier in the school year.


Chapel is such a special time of community, worship and teaching for our Blackhawk Christian School students. Kindergarteners through Seniors have their own Chapel services throughout the week, tailored to their specific age group. We’ve had a number of guest speakers pour into the lives of our BCS students and we are so thankful!

CLICK HERE to listen to past chapel live streams.
[Primary Chapel: K–1st Grade, Intermediate Chapel: 2nd–6th Grade, Secondary Chapel: 7th–12th Grade]

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