Finding Jesus: Ten Life Lessons from Moses (Part 2)

Exodus 3-4

Pastor Kevin led us through the final five life lessons from Moses.

Timeline of Moses’ life:

  • Baby Boy (birth to age 40)
  • Big Blunder (age 40-80)
  • Burning Bush (age 80-120)

Moves of God always necessitate movement on our part (Exo 3:1-3)

1. When we have those sitting by the well moments in life, why might we be tempted to just sit and wait for God to show up and tell us what to do? What is the downside of staying by the well too long? What could we be doing while we wait for God?

2. When he saw the burning bush, the Bible tells us that Moses turned “aside to see this great sight.” He didn’t say, “huh, that’s weird” and carry on shepherding. Once he turned aside to examine the burning bush, then God called out “Moses, Moses!”. This is reminiscent of salvation. What was the burning bush that God put in your life that caused you to turn aside and experience his calling?

3. Pastor Kevin noted God sometimes calls us to move toward something hard or difficult. What is something difficult God has asked you to do? Did you immediately step into it, or did it take some further prompting? How did you grow/what did you learn from the experience?

God’s redemptive story is built on his relational character (Exo 3:4-10)

4. How would you respond to someone who ascribes to the Watchmaker view of God – that he created the world and wound it up like a watch to then run on its own without his direct involvement? How instead would you describe God’s involvement with his creation?

5. Moses was the only person around the burning bush, why might God have called out Moses’ name before jumping right into his instructions? What significance might this have had?

6. Who are the people in life with whom you are relationally closest? How have you developed and deepend those bonds over time? Likewise, how has your relationship with God deepened over time? What are some practical steps one can take to grow relationally closer to God?

God’s name assures us He is all we need (Exo 3:11-14)

7. Moses needed reassurance and got it by asking God – Who am I? Who are you? Do you need similar reassurance? Thinking through what you know is true from Scripture, what does God say about you and who has God shown himself to be (both from Scripture and your experience)?

8. God didn’t show up on holy ground and there happened to be a bush there, the bush became holy ground because God was there. Wherever God is present is holy, wherever the relational God is encountered is holy. Hearing this, how might it change your approach to church, prayer, Bible reading, God-ordained encounters with strangers, good works God has put in your path to undertake, and moments of solitude in the car or while working; where the Holy Spirit prods and nudges? What is your equivalent of removing your sandals?

God’s timing is perfect, but sure stretches us (Exo 3:15-20)

9. In a time of waiting, how did God expose your motives, reveal himself, build your patience, or transform your character?

10. Pastor Kevin noted that God’s timing can sure feel like sandpaper in that a) it can feel gritty and painful rubbing us the wrong way and b) it smoothes out our rough edges. Is there a time of waiting that was painful for you to experience? How were your rough edges smoothed out because of the experience?

God’s capacity is always bigger than our capability (Exo 4:10-15)

11. In 4:10 and 4:13, Moses had a “but” comment to push back against God. If called by God to do some big, hairy, audacious Kingdom work, how would you fill in the blank – “I’m not __________, please send someone else.” Why do you think this item disqualifies you from being God’s instrument? What worries you about God sending you to the front lines if you still have this deficiency? Have you turned down opportunities because of your “but” thinking? 

12. What mountain in front of you is God calling you to scale? What equipment do you need God to provide so that you can scale it? How could others pray for your equipping?

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