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By now you have heard of the crisis in the Ukraine. Many have asked what we can do to help. Blackhawk currently supports three missionaries in that region (Millers, Howards, and Sunshine) who are already on the frontlines of helping Ukraine while bringing the Gospel of Jesus to refugees. Continue your prayer and support for them. In addition, ALL GIFTS above our weekly budget on Sunday, March 27th will go towards supporting Ukraine.

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Below you will find the most recent updates from our missionaries Korban Miller and Josh Howard.

Poland has over 1 million refugees. It is easier now for Ukrainians to go to Poland because of similarities in language. In Slovakia, we have fewer refugees but expect many in the next wave as Poland will most likely have to slow down how many people are coming because of capacity. The School where Sunshine works is right now working on classes for Ukrainian students in our town. Everywhere we go we hear Ukrainian. Prayer is needed, so we are thankful for brothers and sisters around the world praying.

     So far generous donors have given 2300 unique gifts to Josiah Venture. 65 tons of material have been delivered including food, Insulin, and 1000 tourniquets to hospitals. We sent 29 buses with these materials that have brought back 1300 Ukrainians to our training facilities to be cared for until they can move on. Many are giving their lives to Christ. We have printed over 200,000 copies of the psalms in Ukrainian that our Slovak team put together. They are being given in mass to Ukrainians at the border who are waiting in lines for days to come to safety. My friend at the border said the no man’s land between the borders is full of Christians spreading the love of Christ! God is working in mighty ways in such a horrible situation. – Josh Howard

Korban Miller was also featured on WPTA 21:

Fort Wayne native shares how Poland churches work to help Ukrainian refugees

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