Give Light Update: Global Action

As part of our recent Give Light offering, Blackhawk was able to begin partnering with Global Action to equip pastors and ministry leaders in South Sudan to receive a solid biblical foundation so they can understand, teach, and live out the gospel. This will have a significant ripple effect for years to come, and it will change countless lives! Thank you, Blackhawk, for participating in this Kingdom work. 

Global Action is dedicated to serving the 90% of pastors and ministry leaders around the world who lack access to biblical education. These pastors have never had the opportunity to learn how to interpret, teach, or apply Scripture. Global Action’s intensive training program, Foundations, fills this serious gap by providing leaders with a strong biblical foundation for effective ministry and for gospel-centered leadership that transforms their communities. Students are given a survey of the Bible with a strong emphasis on the gospel and on the skills they need to engage in effective evangelism, teaching, discipleship and community transformation. By focusing on mobilizing Christian leaders who are already strategically located in the hard places of the world, Global Action’s training program provides long-term, sustainable impact as these leaders go on to grow healthy local churches that shine brightly in their communities.

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