Sermon Notes – “Counter Culture Generosity” (Part 2)

Counter Culture Generosity” (Part 2)

Psalm 50:14

1.   “Offer to God…”

2.  “…a sacrifice of thanksgiving…”

3.  “…and perform your vows…”

True investment only happens when we move  to

Matthew 6:21

Treasure can both  and  your heart.
Tithing is the training wheels of .

7 giving outcomes:
1.  God first

2.  God’s promises Malachi 3:10
3.  God’s plan Acts 4:32
4.  God’s Word James 1:22
5.  God’s provision Philippians 4:19
6.  God’s name

7.  in God’s Work

Godly generosity comes from overflowing , not overwhelming .


 “…to the Most High.”

Your promises will always  your priorities.

Psalm 118:24
God  it and I  it.

What do my promises reveal about my priorities?
What intentional promises should I pursue to fit God’s priorities?

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Digging Deeper – “Counter Culture Generosity” (Part 2)