Thank you for serving so faithfully!

We are SO grateful for our Blackhawk Volunteers!

Pastor Kevin often says that the sermon starts in the parking lot! It’s so true. Many of us attend church each Sunday… we are greeted by smiling faces, opened doors, and welcoming words as we enter the church building. Volunteers say hello from the Welcome Desk or behind the coffee counter… and encourage us to take that last donut! They help us find seats in the Worship Center, lead worship, and care for and teach our children during the morning. Our volunteers make us feel warm and welcomed each and every Sunday. In the words of our worship team’s song, “WE are the church… This is US.”

But what about that one person or family who is coming for the first time? Maybe they’ve never been to Blackhawk… or maybe they’ve never been to church? What impression do we make? How do we make them feel? It may be the first or only time they see or experience the love of Jesus. And we get to be that first glimpse… that first welcome. It’s so important! So to our Blackhawk Volunteers… we say THANK YOU!

We each play a part… and every part is so important! We are all ONE body in Christ. I love this passage from the Bible, I Corinthians 12:12-27. Jen Moser took photos of our volunteers last Sunday (below) and I loved how she captured their servant hearts. She shared this same scripture, along with many more photos on her blog! Check it out here:

This Sunday, December 19, we’re excited to celebrate all of our volunteers! If you serve in our church, please stop by the volunteer table in our Foyer to pick up a special Christmas treat!

We appreciate each and every one of you!❤️



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