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#MadeNew | Annika & Gage

Baptism Video – Click Here!

Christmas blessings in the form of baptisms on December 19, 2021!

What a joy it was to watch Annika Davis and Gage Sefton take the next step in their faith through baptism. We love watching all ages get baptized and hearing their testimonies! And hearing two high school students declare their faith in Jesus and desire to live their lives for him was so special. Watch their testimonies HERE.

High school years can be tough, and we’re so thankful to have a group of students here at Blackhawk that support and encourage each other. The Movement, our Blackhawk Student Ministry, took over 100 high schoolers on a ReFuel Fall Retreat this past October. Both Annika and Gage mentioned this retreat as a turning point in their lives. Annika said it was a “life-changing experience” and Gage said it’s when he realized “I need to find my own faith.” We are SO very thankful for Pastor Weaz and his heart for these young people. And thank you Blackhawk family for joining us in praying for the young people in our church.

Buried with Christ in baptism… Raised to walk with Him in a New Life!

Annika Davis

Gage Sefton

“I’m nothing without Him… He’s my Savior. This is the next step in my faith to continue to grow in him and be the best man of God that I can.”
Gage Sefton


If you’re ready to get baptized, check out the Next Steps page on our website. Scroll down to find a video from Kevin explaining baptism. You’ll also see a link to schedule your baptism!


**Photo Credit: Carrie Robinson Photography Thank you Carrie for capturing these special moments! To see all of our baptism photos from Sunday, CLICK HERE or go to to see our full Blackhawk Ministries photo gallery.

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