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We Appreciate You!

As summer was ending, we had a great opportunity to say THANK YOU and show our appreciation for a very special group of people here at Blackhawk: our First Impression Team.

If you’ve ever been to Blackhawk, you’ve likely seen one of these faces… saying hello or opening a door. They are the “First Impression” of Blackhawk and in many ways, sharing the love of Jesus to every person that enters our church.

Jen Moser (Jen Moser Photography) took some beautiful pictures of this event, and summed it up so well in her blog:

Blackhawk Ministries is blessed to have an amazing team of people who love Jesus and love to serve others every.single.Sunday! This team of helpful and smiling faces is known as the “First Impression Team.” Mike Stevens, who leads this team (along with Julie), is passionate about encouraging this team to be the hands and feet of Jesus… whether smiling at those who enter the front door, helping walk a visitor to a seat or greeting the next generation with a high-five!”

Mike and all of Blackhawk are so grateful for those who serve on the First Impression Team and this appreciation dinner was just a small thanks for all the BIG ways they impact those who step foot into our church!

Above are some pics of our team hearing from special guest speaker, Mitch Kruse. Click HERE to see all the photos Jen Moser captured from this event.



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