Counterfeit Christianity

Colossians 2:16-23

  1. What is “legalism”? Why is it so dangerous?
  2. What two options do we have when it comes to “diet” and “days”?
  3. What is the best response to performance-based Christianity?
  4. How did Kevin define “mysticism”? 
  5. What happens when we pursue experience-based Christianity?
  6. Have you ever been made to feel like a Junior Varsity follower of Christ?
  7. What is “self-based Christianity”?
  8. What is the difference between uniformity and unity?
  9. How can “self-based Christianity” lead to isolation?
  10. Why do we need true, Biblical community?
  11. What does Blackhawk Ministries believe about its online services?
  12. What is “condemnation-based Christianity”?
  13. What is the “prosperity gospel”? What is a “poverty gospel”?
  14. Why should we pursue holiness?
  15. Which of the above counterfeits has been the biggest struggle for you?

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Missions Prayer Prompts (October 24-30)

Counterfeit Christianity