Why not now?

Acts 16:22-34

  1. Under what circumstances have you had to “trust God through the pain”?
  2. Why is the praise of Paul and Silas amazing in Acts 16:25?
  3. What might you do in a season of light in your life to prepare for a future season of darkness?
  4. Why is Paul’s thankfulness amazing in the light of the circumstances of the birth of the church at Philippi?
  5. How might we pray for our brothers and sisters throughout the world as they seek to endure rather than escape?
  6. How has your experience of pain been a catalyst for the display of God’s purposes?
  7. What should our posture and behavior be toward and in the last days?
  8. Are you ready with a response to the question the Philippian jailer asked in Acts 16:30?
  9. How is the response of Paul and Silas to the jailer an example for us (Acts 16:31,32)?
  10. Have you ever been tempted to make permanent decisions based on temporary emotions?
  11. How could your short-term decisions today reflect your long-term values?
  12. How did the obedience of Paul and Silas affect the Philippian jailer?
  13. What is the significance of the word “immediately” in Acts 16?
  14. Which of the reasons listed to get baptized was most impactful to you?
  15. How does baptism serve as a witness to the world?

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August 22, 2021

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