The MOVEMENT has a life changing week at That Thing '21

Last week Pastor Weaz and some leaders took a group of nearly 50 High School students to “That Thing”. They had their best week of the year by far!  What is “That Thing” you ask? It is a camp for Senior High students located in North Webster, Indiana on Lake Webster. 

There was a speaker and a band for the week and the theme was “Here and Now”. Students were challenged to take a step of faith and to invite Christ to be Savior but also Lord of their lives. We celebrate that 12 students came forward on June 28th to do just that!

Other students simply needed to get back on the narrow path and to lay some things down at the foot of the Cross. Pastor Weaz challenged students at the beginning of the week to take their luggage home but not their “baggage”. He gave students an opportunity to stand in front of their peers with him and share things in their lives that are difficult or in the darkness. There is great power when we bring things out of the darkness and into the light.

Dozens of our students took a courageous step and stood up and shared some difficult things. After they shared, their peers would come up and pray for them in that moment. There were tears, hugs, high fives and best of all, healing and freedom that took place for many of our students.

Others took an action step to live out their faith more in their circles of influence. Pastor Weaz challenged them just as Pastor Kevin has challenged us all to think about “who may be close to us but far from God”. A Movement is created by moments. And there were so many incredible moments that The Movement Student Ministries had at That Thing! Student are on fire and ready to make an impact on others this school year!

There are also 2 life groups that have recently started with our students who attended this camp. There is a young ladies group that is being led by 2 of our upper classmen ladies. We also have a young men’s study that has just started that is being led by 2 of The Movement leaders. God is on the move here at Blackhawk!

Our group did have a lot of fun as well. They swam, played basketball, sand volleyball, canoed, hiked, did crafts, played 9 square in the air and archery tag as well as board games at night. The group really laughed, played, worshipped, learned, shared and cried together and everyone got along great. The students were so inclusive and not exclusive of one another. It was a beautiful glimpse of what The Church can look like! This week at That Thing was transformational for many who went, and they really connected in a deeper way with Jesus and one another and became family.

Pastor Weaz and his team will take an even larger group next June to “That Thing ’22”. This is for any incoming Freshmen through recently graduated Seniors. If you want to invest into the spiritual lives of the next generation, send them to this camp. They will come back changed and not be disappointed at all!

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