Why Go?

Acts 1:1-11

  1. How many missions partners does Blackhawk Ministries have?
  2. What happened to cause the transformation we see in the disciples?
  3. Why is Acts 1:8 a cornerstone verse for our efforts in missions?
  4. What is your “Jerusalem”?
  5. How might you make an impact in your particular community?
  6. What is your “Judea”?
  7. How could you support efforts to help and reach those in our city?
  8. What is your “Samaria”?
  9. How could you partner with efforts to reach and bless our nation?
  10. What was the point of Kevin’s scorpion illustration?
  11. How might you support Blackhawk’s missions efforts to the “uttermost parts of the earth”?
  12. Why did Kevin tell his story about ministering in China?
  13. How is God moving in Egypt? How might you support our efforts to reach people for Christ in the Middle East?
  14. How might you support our retired missionaries during this season of their lives?
  15. What is the highest calling for those who follow Jesus?

Worship Wednesday Podcast

June 13, 2021