#MadeNew | Emily, Peyton, Jaxson & Gracie


June 13, 2021 will forever be a very special day for Emily & her three kiddos.

This past Sunday, Emily Pearson and her kids: Peyton, Jaxson, and Gracie, got baptized. It was a sweet, sweet day! Check out the video to see the mighty work God has done in their lives. We are so blessed to have Emily and her kids as part of our Blackhawk family!

“If I do nothing else right in my life, this moment right here hopefully will be the foundation I set for my kids and I to walk through this life with a steady faith, hand in hand with Christ. To live the life God has in store for them, to find the purpose God has for them. I am proud of my children for SO many things… This moment was the moment I was the most proud of them I have ever been. Hands down.” –Emily

Buried with Christ in baptism… Raised to walk with Him in a New Life!

If you’re ready to get baptized, check out the Next Steps page on our website. Scroll down to find a video from Kevin explaining baptism. You’ll also see a link to schedule your baptism!



**Photo Credit: Jen Moser photography Thank you Jen for capturing these special moments! To see all of our baptism photos from Sunday, go to

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