Jesus and the Religious

John 2:13-22

  1. What was the common denominator in all of Jesus’ relationships?
  2. How has God shown you He wants a relationship with you?
  3. Why do you think Jesus was so often angry with religious people?
  4. What makes Jesus angry?
  5. What is the literal meaning of the word “hypocrite”?
  6. How did the religious authorities often make it difficult for people to come to God?
  7. What made the cleansing of the temple necessary?
  8. Kevin said “the way you do the work of God can destroy the work of God in you”. What did he mean by that?
  9. How can the way you do the work of God destroy the work of God in you?
  10. What is the significant about the way the court of the Gentiles was used in the first century?
  11. Why do you think that the proclamation of the gospel is more about demonstration than explanation?
  12. What does it mean that Jesus came to replace religion with relationship?
  13. What is true Biblical community really about?
  14. What was the first crisis that God solved in history?
  15. What is the connection between submitting to God’s authority and seeing His plan?

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Summer Women’s Bible Study

Jesus and Religious