May 7, 2021


Today at Blackhawk:

Inadequate Me | Week 5

God’s Faithfulness Through Our Failures (Judges 8:1-21)


Mother’s Day! Stop at our Photo Op Spots in the foyer and snap a picture with or for your mom!


Question of the Week: Pastor Kevin would like your help for his message this week. Please check out the service on Facebook Live this week (either 9:00 or 11:00) and answer the following question in the chat: “What most often hinders gratitude in your life?”


This Week on Blackhawk.FYI


Vision Sunday – May 23 – is the kickoff of our next series “This is Us” and also the day of our annual business meeting after church at 12:15. We will be voting on Jason Maley as the new Elder and Church Budget. For all the details, you can go to


Come hear from Korban and Tanya Miller about their work with Josiah Venture in Poland! Next Sunday, May 16 in the Worship Center Foyer @ 6 PM. The Millers will be returning to Poland in June, so this is a unique opportunity to hear from them before they leave. You can also learn more on Blackhawk.FYI


Additional Reminders


Don’t miss next week as we conclude the “Inadequate Me” series! We will also hear more about end-of-the-year celebrations for our kids and students.

#MadeNew | Baptism Sunday

God’s Faithfulness through Our Failures