God's Will Through Our Weakness

Judges 6:17-40

  1. What doubts plagued the people of Israel in Judges 6?
  2. Have you ever wondered whether God actually cares about you? How does Judges 6 speak to that doubt?
  3. Has it ever seemed to you that God doesn’t know what He’s doing? How does Judges 6 address that concern?
  4. Why does insecurity breeds inaction?
  5. Why do you think Gideon named the altar “The LORD is peace”?
  6. Do you think it would have been difficult for Gideon to oppose his father the way he did?
  7. Were you surprised by Gideon’s father’s reaction to what his son did?
  8. What does “Jerubbaal” mean? Why do you think it’s significant?
  9. What is the significance of the age of the bull in Judges 6:25?
  10. Why do you think God needed to start working in Gideon’s life at home before he led armies into battle?
  11. Why are the stakes always higher when your mission field is personal?
  12. What family idol has God called you to tear down?
  13. What is the connection between idols and insecurity?
  14. Do you find God’s response to Gideon (or lack thereof) at the end of Judges 6 to be surprising?
  15. How did Kevin transform the image and purpose of the fleece?

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April 18, 2021