God's Call Through Life's Chaos

Judges 6:1-16

  1. What is the setting of the story of Gideon? How was Israel doing spiritually?
  2. What is the theme of the book of Judges? 
  3. Who were the “judges” of the Book of Judges?
  4. How is Hebrews 11:32-34 an encouraging summary of the period of the Judges? How is it encouraging to you personally?
  5. Who were the Midianites? Why does it matter?
  6. Do you ever feel like your investment is inadequate? How does the story of Israel give us both pause and hope?
  7. How are you investing in the next generation?
  8. How has God used crisis in your life to call you to do something for Him?
  9. What struck you about Gideon as we read through Judges 6:11-16?
  10. What is unusual about the circumstances in which we find Gideon?
  11. What is the difference between who Gideon appears to be and who God says he is?
  12. Have you ever found yourself asking the kinds of questions Gideon did in the midst of your chaos?
  13. What is the significance of the progression that Kevin walked us through in 6:11-14? 
  14. Can your inadequacies contend with God’s provision?
  15. What has God called you to in the midst of your current chaos?

God’s Call through Life’s Chaos

April 11, 2021