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Pastor Weaz’ and The MOVEMENT Team wants to see YOU!

Hello students!

This is Pastor Weaz’ here and our Youth Coaches are so excited to see you all tomorrow night at

The M O V E M E N T from 6:30-8pm.

I will finish up our 3 week series called, “The Suffering”. 

In week 1 I gave us 3 actions steps to take when life beats us down and we suffer in the valley moments of life.

Here is a brief recap:

#1-Look Up!=In this world we will have trouble and we can often look downward and become downcast. We need to be reminded to keep our eyes fixed on The Almighty God! Be encouraged that he sees us in our time of pain and trouble.

#2-Let Go!=When we fall into the valley moments of life we often pick up bad habits or relationships that are simply unhealthy for us. In order to get back up and not be weighed down with those unhealthy things, we must LET GO! We must surrender to The One who is ultimately in control and who wants the best for us.

#3-Get Up!=We have a part to play in recovering from our falls and suffering. We must get out of bed and forge ahead but we are weak. So we must call upon the name of the Lord and ask him to be our strength in our times of trouble and weakness. He will supply ALL of our needs and in time he will pick us up and allow us to Get UP!

I know that it is almost March and it has been a long and challenging year. But I am praying for you. I love you, our Movement Team loves each of you and we really are hoping to see YOU tomorrow night and every Wednesday night from 6:30-8pm at The M O V E M E N T!

Take 90 minutes to get out, stay connected and invest in yourself by investing in others and in your relationship with Christ Jesus.


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