Overflowing Promises, Part 2

2 Corinthians 9:12-15

  1. Does God always provide for our needs in the way that we imagine? 
  2. How has God’s provision in your life been so much better than you expected?
  3. Do you think that we sometimes complicate what God says to us simply?
  4. What obstacles have you faced or are you facing to generosity in your own life?
  5. What is the connection between an eternal perspective and our thanksgiving?
  6. What will be the outcome of our generosity be in the lives of other people?
  7. How has the generosity of God’s people caused you to give glory to God?
  8. Why is God most glorified when our “talk” turns into our “walk”?
  9. How does our obedience work to spread the gospel?
  10. How have you seen the generosity of others change the world?
  11. How has God’s generosity in your life changed you?
  12. Why does grace have a unifying impact on God’s people?
  13. What does 1 John 4:19 say about why we love God and others?
  14. How can you proactively practice God’s promises this week?
  15. How does this quote challenge us to walk in God’s grace this week?:

“Do not be too quick to assume that your enemy is an enemy of God just because he is your enemy. Perhaps he is your enemy precisely because he can find nothing in you that gives glory to God. Perhaps he fears you because he can find nothing in you of God’s love and God’s kindness and God’s patience and mercy and understanding of the weaknesses of men.”

Thomas Merton (1915-1968), New Seeds of Contemplation [1961], New Directions Publishing, 1972, p. 177

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