Past Provision & Present Perspective

Habakkuk 3:1-19

  1. How is Habakkuk unique among the prophets?
  2. How do Habakkuk’s complaints sound an awful lot like ours?
  3. What changes in chapter 3 for Habakkuk?
  4. What doesn’t change?
  5. How has hearing about the Lord changed the way you think and live?
  6. How might you let God’s amazing works “live” in your relationships and words this year?
  7. Why does Habakkuk mention the “everlasting” mountains? What are they in comparison to the Lord?
  8. How does Psalm 18:9-19 connect with Habakkuk 3?
  9. How does Psalm 77:11-20 connect with Habakkuk 3?
  10. What is the means by which we navigate the present circumstances of our lives?
  11. Why did we show a picture of Mount Paran in the message?
  12. What is the “fear of the LORD”?
  13. What kind of disaster does Habakkuk 3:17 describe? Why would this be important in the Old Testament?
  14. What choice can we all make in the face of hardship and suffering?
  15. What does it mean to “throw away your confidence”?

Christmas Eve 2020

Congratulations BCS Boys!