Fulfilled – Location

  1. Why does prophecy matter? What are prophecies?
  2. Why did Pastor Kevin begin with 2 Corinthians 1:20?
  3. What details from Matthew 2 stood out to you in a new way as you read it?
  4. What is the significance of the translation of “Bethlehem”? (John 6:48)
  5. How did Kevin respond to the objections that are raised about the birth of Jesus and fulfilled prophecy?
  6. What is the connection between kingship and shepherding in Israel?
  7. How did (does) God use what was meant for evil to bring about His glory?
  8. How would you respond to the truth that God never wastes your pain?
  9. What is the significance of Jesus being known as “Jesus of Nazareth”? What is the meaning of the prophecy: “He shall be called a Nazarene”
  10. What was the relationship between Galilee and the rest of Israel?
  11. How did rejection fulfill prophecy and foster purpose? 
  12. How is Isaiah 53 connected to Nazareth?
  13. How was Jesus rejected? How does this provide encouragement?
  14. How does Jesus’ response to suffering give an example to us?
  15. What is the point of Christmas? How might we apply the location prophecies to our lives this week?

Christmas Worship Night

The 10 Before – Dec. 13, 2020