Fulfilled – Lineage

  1. What promise did God make to Abram in Genesis 12:3?
  2. How did Jesus fulfill this promise? (Galatians 3:7-9)
  3. Why does Matthew begin his genealogy with David and then Abraham? (Matthew (1:1)
  4. How does Revelation 5:9 represent the fulfillment of the promise to Abraham through Jesus?
  5. Why does Matthew only mention Judah among the sons of Jacob? (Matthew 1:2)
  6. How does Revelation 5:5 fulfill the language of Genesis 49:9?
  7. What happened with Judah and Tamar? (read Genesis 38)
  8. Why is the inclusion of this story remarkable in the genealogy of Jesus?
  9. To which prophecy may the wise men of Matthew 2 had access?
  10. What picture does Balaam paint in Numbers 24:17-19 about the one who is to come?
  11. What does Jesus as the “bright morning star” (Rev. 22:16) represent?
  12. What will the “branch from Jesse” bring? (Isaiah 11:1-10)
  13. How is Mark 1:9-11 a fulfillment of Isaiah 11:2?
  14. Why is the inclusion of Rahab and Ruth remarkable in Matthew 1:5?
  15. How will 2 Corinthians 1:20-22 hover over all our conversation about Jesus this season?

The 10 Before – Dec. 6, 2020

Secondary Christmas Concert