High School Students get “reFUELED” at Camp

Last Friday, our Student Ministry known now as “The Movement” embarked on a much needed weekend getaway. Pastor Weaz and 8 Youth Coaches led a group of 60 to Epworth Forest in North Webster, Indiana for Refuel 2020!

It was an AMAZING weekend! The high schoolers were able to hang out and build relationships with each other and their leaders. There were card games and snacks and shooting hoops and more snacks! But at the same time, God was moving in each of their lives!

During the weekend, Pastor Weaz spoke about the masks that we wear in our lives. He focused on 3 kinds of masks.

  • #1 The “I’m Fine Mask” where people ask how we are and we say, “I’m fine” when we are actually anything but fine.
  • #2 The “Chameleon Mask” where we are one person at home and one person at school and another person here or there.
  • #3 The “Labels Mask” where we get labeled accurately or inaccurately by others, or we label others ourselves.
But Weaz reminded our students that only the Almighty God can accurately label or give us our true identity. That identity is found and rooted only in Christ Jesus who calls us his greatest creation, made in his image to great things.
This “Mask” theme really set the tone for what took place on Saturday evening at ReFUEL. Pastor Weaz challenged students to lay down the hard things in their lives and not take them back home with them but to leave them at the foot of the Cross. Students were given the opportunity to stand up in front of a group of 60 peers and share something hard that they needed to surrender to God. For 90 minutes, student after student shared and brought things that were in the dark, into the light. Students were praying for one another and it was just an incredibly powerful moment and one that saw many set free from some incredibly difficult things.
To make the weekend ever better, we had several students lay down some sin issues and announce that they need to get back on the narrow path in life. There were a few students that also accepted Christ into their lives and are excited to get baptized here at Blackhawk on an upcoming Sunday morning!
–Pastor Weaz
It was an incredible weekend, seeing how God “reFUELED” these high school students! Let’s continue The Movement momentum! If you’re in high school, join Pastor Weaz and other leaders for a time of connection and Bible study throughout the week on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights…

THE MOVEMENT | Sunday mornings | 9-10 AM | North Campus Chapel

THE MOVEMENT | Wednesday nights | 6:30-8 | North Campus Chapel

Join us and bring your friends!

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