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Give Light – Our $200,000 Goal

Each year-end at Blackhawk, we look to build on our storied history and legacy of generosity by coming together to give our greatest and best gifts to Jesus. It is His birth that we celebrate, and we desire to honor Him above all through an annual Jesus’ Birthday Offering. We are calling this year’s offering GIVE LIGHT. Jesus is the light of the world, and we want to spread His life-giving light locally and globally, across our streets and around the world as we continue our vision to #lighttheonefive, according to John 1:5.

This year’s Give Light Offering will take place in both services on Sunday, December 13. This is one big offering with a very intentional challenge: 100% participation. At Blackhawk, we come together every year to give above and beyond your regular giving to this exceptional opportunity. We believe in an Acts 4:32 approach to giving, where ALL of us sacrificially contribute to meet needs in Jesus’ name. We are better together! No gift is too small to make a difference.

The goal of our Give Light Offering is straightforward this year: give it all away in Jesus’ name! In a season where uncertainty abounds, our mission remains certain. Instead of sitting on our resources in fear, we are determined to give light in faith, knowing that God always blesses a church on mission. After meeting our weekly budget requirement of $39,900, plus anything needed to bring us to our year-to-date budget amount, every dollar will go to local and global missions. We have set a goal of seeing $200,000 to go out through this offering. This goal is divided into three categories:

Give Light Across the Street: $15,000

#lighttheonefive starts across the street, and we want to work with our local partners to help mobilize Blackhawk in our community, meet needs, and give light to the 46815 and surrounding zip codes in Fort Wayne.

  • 15 Community Outreach and our Benevolence Fund $15,000


Give Light Among our City: $55,000

#lighttheonefive starts across the street and shines bright in our city. We desire to build on our partnerships, making a Kingdom difference to mobilize and multiply ministry in our city.

  • Four:10 Ministries $40,000
  • Local Muslim Outreach $15,000


Give Light Around the World: $130,000

#lighttheonefive starts across the street and shines throughout our city, but it does not stop there.  We believe that our mission doesn’t stop until every tribe and tongue receives the life-giving light of Jesus.  Not only do we want to help our current missionaries and partners with their needs, but we also desire to mobilize a new generation of missionaries.

  • Missionary Support $10,000
  • Short-Term Mobilization and Partnership $15,000
  • Long-Term Mobilization and Partnership $39,500
  • South Sudan Outreach $15,000
  • Egypt Partnership $50,500

The 10 Before – Nov. 1, 2020

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