“Therefore go”

God continues to work through His Church to change lives of families in Sohag, Egypt.

Over the last 5 months, 1800 food bags and boxes were assembled and distributed door-to-door from Sohag Church to families that were affected by COVID. As a Blackhawk family, we were so thankful to have a small part in this life-changing ministry.
Each bag/box assembled cost between $10–$30 depending on the family size. The boxes included grains, cooking oil, sugar, canned food, beans, lentils, and rice; enough to feed a Sohag family for 1–2 weeks.
About 200 boxes were supported by Blackhawk members and partners!
Let’s continue to keep Sohag Church and their ministry in our prayers. Thank you Blackhawk for giving. It’s amazing to see how God can bless our gifts to go into our own backyard and around the world!
Find out how to give online.
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…”
Matthew 28:19


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