A Journey Worth Taking

Matthew 4:18-22

Matthew 28:16-20

Mark 3:13,14

  1. What is the “Discipleship Journey”?
  2. What does it mean to “follow” Jesus?
  3. Does our discipleship end when we decide to follow Jesus?
  4. What is the mission of Jesus that He invites His disciples into?
  5. Do you identify with the kind of doubt that Kevin says the disciples may have experienced? [Spend some time in prayer asking God to help you see yourself as He sees you.]
  6. How does making disciples involve more than just teaching?
  7. What is the difference between the word “Christian” and the word “disciple”?
  8. How would you respond to this statement: “Information without application leads to stagnation“?
  9. How do we measure “success” in discipleship?
  10. Why shouldn’t we use business metrics to measure Biblical maturity?
  11. What might “sacrificial sharing” of your life look like?
  12. Have you considered the difference between making decisions and making disciples?
  13. Can you identify with Kevin’s words about the best and worst experiences of his life?
  14. What does it mean that “ministry is achieved but received”?
  15. Do you find it easy to merely talk about what Jesus said and not do what He did? [Spend some time in prayer asking Him to empower you by His Spirit to obey Him this week.]

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