What did Jesus say about politics?

John 17:13-26

How do we disagree politically and unconditionally?

  1. How might you love those that don’t see things the way that you see things?
  2. How might our political convictions be affected by fear of loss?
  3. What is the problem with an “us/them” mentality?
  4. What should the relationship be between our faith and our politics?
  5. How are you comforted by the truth that Jesus prayed for our hurts?
  6. What does 1 John 2:17 say about the will of God and the systems of the world?
  7. What does the interaction of Joshua with the commander of the army of the Lord have to do with our political convictions?
  8. How does Jesus’ call for our humility affect our political convictions?
  9. What happens when believers fight with believers in front of non-believers?
  10. How is political diversity a source of encouragement?
  11. How will people know that we are disciples of Jesus?
  12. How will the world notice the power of the gospel?
  13. How should our view of the world affect our political convictions?
  14. What is the importance of the confession: “I don’t know”?
  15. How might Proverbs 4:23 encourage us to be careful about judging others?
  16. Which action step is most necessary for you this week?

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