Paul’s Parting Words

Acts 20:32-38

  1. In the light of the information we received from Kevin and our elders, how might you respond to the needs of the church in this season?
  2. Which of the areas we celebrated this morning was especially encouraging to you?
  3. What is the Book of Acts built around?
  4. What was unique about Paul’s speech in Acts 20?
  5. What difference does the answer to the above question make?
  6. What is the first challenge of Paul’s farewell message?
  7. What is the second challenge of Paul’s farewell message?
  8. Why are the gospel and generosity inseparable?
  9. How did Kevin connect Acts 20:20 to our lives in 2020?
  10. What was the acronym Kevin mentioned for GRACE? How does that connect to generosity?
  11. Why will the “word of grace” make us generous?
  12. How have you experienced the truth that “it is more blessed to give than receive”?
  13. What does it mean to give THROUGH Blackhawk?
  14. What does it mean for you to be a contributor in a consumer culture?
  15. Which of the “four ways” that Kevin listed will you pursue in the coming days?

Survive and Thrive Virtual Dinner and Auction

The 10 Before – Sept. 13, 2020