Useful Kindness

Galatians 5:22; Titus 3:1-11

1. What does the word “kindness” mean in the original language? How does this help you to understand more about how we use the word?

2. Is “kindness” the same as being “nice”?

3. How does the fact that you require kindness from others an encouragement to be kind yourself?

4. What is the power of the “but” in Titus 3:4?

5. What is the connection between our new birth and our baptism?

6. How did God pour out His kindness to us?

7. How does God’s kindness lead us to repentance?

8. What is our part in making God’s grace known to people?

9. How did Kevin define “kindness”?

10. What does Philippians 2 have to do with kindness and Jesus’ example?

11. What can you do this week to devote yourself to what is useful?

12. What distractions do you need to avoid this week?

13. What is your circle driving you toward these days?

14. In kindness passive? Why? Why not?

15. What display of useful kindness has God called you to demonstrate this week?

August Parent Letter

The 10 Before – August 9th