James 5:7-11

1. How do other English translations of “patience” help us to understand what it means?

2. How has the pandemic helped you to be more patient or exposed maybe your lack of patience?

3. What does the word “patience” mean in the Greek?

4. Who is the author of the book of James?

5. Why do farmers need to be patient? How might they be an example to us?

6. Do you find it difficult to be patient in your relationships? In your work?

7. How does comparing ourselves to other people cause us to be impatient?

8. Do you ever find it difficult to be patient with God?

9. How was Abraham an example of patience?

10. How was Moses an example of patience?

11. How was David an example of patience?

12. How was Joseph an example of patience?

13. What is Job’s story?

14. How is Job an example of patience?

15. What is God’s ultimate purpose for our lives? How does suffering fit into this?

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