Marvelous Faithfulness

Galatians 5:22

Luke 7:1-10

  1. How is the word “faithfulness” used elsewhere in the New Testament?
  2. How has faithfulness been developed in your life through trouble?
  3. How does the church have a unique opportunity in our divided world?
  4. What does God display and show in the presence of our weakness? How has He done so in your life?
  5. What is the relationship between faithfulness and our feelings?
  6. Have you ever felt tempted to quit when you’re pursuing something God has for you?
  7. How does God’s faithfulness help us to remain faithful?
  8. How is faithfulness built on trust? How does Jesus demonstrate this in Luke 7?
  9. How is the great power of Jesus on display in the centurion’s words in Luke 7:7?
  10. How has God felt far away from you in recent days?
  11. How has He shown Himself to be close and faithful in the midst of your circumstances?
  12. What common ground does the centurion find with Jesus?
  13. What caused Jesus to “marvel” in Luke 7:9?
  14. How would you respond to this statement: “What you do FOR God will never be as important as who you are TO God.”?
  15. What is the foundation of faithfulness?

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