Blackhawk Kids Re-Opening Plan

Dear Blackhawk Families,


Blackhawk Kids is ready, will you join us? The last few months have been a challenge with all of the COVID limitations and concerns, but Blackhawk Kids is anxious to relaunch face-to-face ministry with children on Sunday mornings.  Attached you will see our Blackhawk Kids Re-Opening Plan.  We have created a stoplight visual to help communicate our phasing of ministries. Our ultimate goal is to get to the green phase six as safely and quickly as possible.


At the current time, we believe that we are capable of moving into phase three, which will be one hour of ministry at the 11:00 Worship Service beginning on Sunday, August 23.  However, parents will need to preregister in the beginning phases, Please note that there will be a limited number of students in each classroom.  Parents will need to preregister each child every week for the following Sunday beginning each Sunday from 1:00 PM until Thursday mornings at 10:00 AM. Classroom registration will close each Thursday at 10  AM  for the following Sunday to allow our staff to prepare for the students. Parents will receive a return email with a confirmation of their child’s registration.


Our greatest need in getting both hours opened for ministry is a strong supply of ministry volunteers who are ready to return to the classrooms on Sunday mornings. As we are able to build that critical volunteer team, we are anxious to open both worship services offering more classes in both hours. If you are willing to help us open more classrooms, allowing our children to hear the spiritual truths of scripture, would you please contact Leah Hilton at [email protected]. Our children so desperately need to hear the Good News of the Gospel in these challenging days of COVID insecurity.


As we relaunch our ministry we will take the following safety precautions:

  • No snacks or drinks will be served in the classrooms
  • Volunteers will be encouraged to wear masks in class
  • Temperatures will be taken as children enter each classroom
  • Parents will be asked to socially distance as they drop off and pick up 
  • Parents will weekly sign a check-in sheet stating that their child has not had any known COVID exposure or symptoms and that their child will not be guaranteed social distancing while in the classroom


At this time our plan is to keep moving forward through the phases with the ultimate goal of reaching phase six, the total reopening of all of Sunday morning ministries. How quickly we can get to phase six will be dependent on the following:

  • CDC Guidelines
  • Local Health Department Guidelines
  • Volunteer availability each week


Would you please pray about our church’s need to protect, love, and teach His precious children? Would you please pray about what the Lord may be asking you to do in these days of insecurity for our families? The Good News and Hope of the Gospel is needed in the hearts and minds of our children. I look forward to the coming days of ministry to children.


Because of Him,

Linda Pearson

Executive Director

Blackhawk Kids


* For those families who are not yet ready to return to Sunday morning classes, we are pleased to announce that Blackhawk Kids will continue the activity bags and weekly on-line Church at Home.

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