This Is Us – Go

A Question That Changed the World

Acts 1:1-11

  1. What three things has Kevin encouraged you to engage in at Blackhawk Ministries?
  2. What is our mission at Blackhawk Ministries?
  3. What is our vision at Blackhawk Ministries?
  4. What does the New Testament Greek word for “church” tell us about what the church should be?
  5. How do you think you would have reacted after watching Jesus ascend into heaven?
  6. How is Jesus presenting Himself to you?
  7. What is the “first book” that Luke refers to in Acts 1:1?
  8. Who is the “promise of the Father”? (Acts 1:4)
  9. How much of the Holy Spirit did you receive at the moment of your salvation?
  10. What was Kevin’s point in telling the story about the lifeguards?
  11. How did the disciples politicize that which is theological?
  12. How do we politicize that which is theological?
  13. How is God empowering you?
  14. How does Philippians 3:20 connect with Acts 1:11?
  15. What does “less gazing, more going” look like for you this week?

This week we talk about GO!

Bhawk Kids