Time For A Change

Digging Deeper

03 May 2020

Mark 3:1-6

1. Why do you think it’s easier to stay stuck in our lives rather than seek change?

2. What was the point of Kevin’s drawing of the tree?

3. What “root issues” would you say this season of isolation and disruption have revealed?

4. What’s the difference between “performance-based religion” and a “person-based relationship”? How do you see it in this story?

5. What’s the difference between describing this person as a “man with a withered hand” and a “withered-handed man”?

6. What was Kevin’s powerful relationship principle?

7. Have you found it easy to focus on the negative over the last several weeks?

8. How did Kevin help us to see prejudice in this story?

9. What did Jesus predetermine to do in this story?

10. What key gift did the Pharisees pervert in this story?

11. What’s the connection between Jesus and the Sabbath?

12. Are there any things in your life that God intended as a blessing that have turned into a master?

13. In what way did the man with the withered hand have to exercise faith?

14. Are there any things in your life that you’ve been waiting on or procrastinating about? What would stop you from taking that step today?

15. How does the reaction of the Pharisees and Herodians in 3:6 reveal their pride and hypocrisy?



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